When I was 8, I tried to nick my aunt's perfume. I went into her room and doused myself in that sweet-scented mist until the level of perfume in that little glass bottle visibly dropped. When I walked out of there, I acted like nothing had happened. I might have been a lousy criminal, but I do want to leave a beautiful little trail wherever I go like I did that day.

My name is Samalie Piwan, a Software Developer (Check out my work in the Pixel section!) that absolutely loves her job!  When I'm not typing away inside some dark-themed IDE, utopia is somewhere inside Hozier and Kodaline's music, The Regular Show, lots of books and Chocolate Hob Nobs. Welcome to my blog! In the Ink section is the little place where I try to keep the creativity in me from burning out, and where I let my thoughts run free. In Pixels, you get to see how my career in software development has grown, and get a sneak peek into everything I have learned while building these products. You are welcome.